I miss reading a poem in the open mic section of the Enfield Poets’ “Evening of Poetry”  which has, for 10 years or so been held at the Dugdale, now shut due to the covid 19 pandemic.  Voicing  a poem brings it to life, changes it and the poet can sense how the audience perceives it which is valuable.  Also reading brings to light lines that perhaps could be edited.

So, I thought is an idea to post audio files of me reading a poems into the computer with no editing, other than removing any computer or other background hum,  in the hope that things brings the feeling of an open mic performance.  I will try for about one or more per week.

The featured image taken by Anne-Marie Sanderson



Sea Mills-Bristol


Two poems.  Her-Story and Here from My Shadow


The Maggots Burrowed Deep


From The Junior Embalmer


Building Dhows in Sharjah


The Underlying Hiss of Analogue