At the time of writing, I was a member of E21c led by Dr Petia Prime and much of what I learnt came into this story.  Other than that I cannot remember what gave me the idea.


The storm always raged on Scymria. In fact, Clive thought that the storm was Scymria. Scymria with its shouting, snarling wind powering black-browed clouds across the sky with colours he’d never before seen. Rain pounded the ground. Rain heavy with chemicals dissolved from the thick, violent air. So heavy was the rain it could subdue all life with its incessant and unremitting beating. There wasn’t any life. Clive could escape from the wind and rain in his laboratory deep inside a cave but there was no escaping from the noise. The thick, stinking sound that was carried in waves into every part of that turbulent spot in the universe that was Scymria.

At first, Clive found that he could ignore the storm, ignore the debilitating noise. He immersed himself in his work analysing the composition of the rain measuring the force of the wind. The Power Commission on Earth had sent him to Scymria to discover its source of energy. They were desperate for new forms of power and there were scientists all over the universe looking, searching testing, he’d been told,

“We’ll bring you back when you’ve succeeded, not before.”

He soon realised that even if he succeeded, they could never know as the energy of the storm blocked all transmissions. He could not communicate with the controller.

He could not change things by worrying, so he did not think of his predicament, he just worked and slept. His most significant discovery, the one that led him to the secret of Scymria, concerned the rock and what wasn’t storm was rock. He’d put a sample in his machine and scanned it with his various probing rays. There was no reading! The rays seemed to disappear. He was mystified. This had not happened before.

The sample of rock lay in the palm of his hand. It was cool and smooth, disturbingly stimulating and sensuous. One by one his fingers closed over the little piece of stone and he closed his eyes trying to sense the reason for its strange reaction. As he concentrated, he felt drawn into the small part of Scymria he was holding. He saw energy pouring into the stone packing ever more tightly trapped within its form. His analytical rays could not leave or be reflected. Slowly and gently a clear glowing picture formed in his mind. It was Scymria as it was in the beginning; a young and hope-filled planet created out of chaos, then looking for love. The storm started drawing on the energy given to Scymria creating stinging shards of rain in its blind fury.

At first the rock tried to shed the rain and deflect the wind but it was being eroded; it could, one day, cease to exist. It started to absorb the anger, assimilate the vitriol of the rain. Gradually the planet changed, becoming denser as it drained the storm; one day the storm would cease, there being nothing to feed it. Now it was beginning to absorb the gentle rays of light Clive had bought with him, a new radiation that would bring hope and life. The thick black air and heavy clouds blocked all light from its sun and stars. Lying on his couch, the piece of rock in his hand Clive could see the whole history of Scymria. Strangely he was not surprised, the rock gave him confidence and he no longer felt alone. He was comforted.

His mind turned to the Power Commission and to his controller. Immediately he was conscious of a complicated web of thought. He could see the red and grey colours of the Power Commission, see the computer screen set in his controller’s desk. He was looking through his controller’s eyes. He did not like what he found, someone was going to be killed, he’d discovered something that would threaten the controller’s position.

No! Don’t kill him. ” Clive’s shout was involuntary.

Though he did not hear, the controller’s pattern of thought altered. The change was smooth and seamless.

“No, I won’t kill him. 1′!1 promote him and throw him into a crisis. He’ll soon forget what he’s found out and cease to be an inconvenience. ‘

A rush of excitement surged through Clive. He’d put a new thought in the controller’s mind He could, after all, get home. All he had to do was to think. However, it could wait. He wanted to see how far his new powers could take him. He soon regretted it. He’d decided to visit Jane, his girlfriend. He found her mind was full of wild excitement. She was in bed making love with a dark-haired young man. Clive did not know him. He shared Jane’s frenzy, felt the thrust and vigour of the young body. He went to the man’s mind and felt Jane’s familiar warmth and gentle intense power. He went from one to the other sharing the excitement of both. The build-up of tension became unbearable. He could not take any more.

” Now! Now! ” He commanded.

The surge of energy shook his body, stunned his mind. He fainted. The two lovers collapsed in a tumble of sweaty limbs. They had never climaxed together before.

Clive came round still clutching the piece of rock. He put it down. The smell of his damp body intruded. He would shower and think of what had happened. What did his discovery mean? What would it lead to? He now had the means to return to Earth but did he want to!  Every experience was there for him to have. He could change minds and wield power. He could be anyone, do anything why should he return?

There was no need for him to make his mind up yet.

Lying on his couch Clive went from mind to mind. At first, he imposed his thoughts on his unwitting hosts, changing events as he thought best. He soon saw the pain and damage caused the unforeseen consequences of the changes he initiated. It was wrong of him to manipulate, to judge, to take responsibility for others. He soon learnt to accept what he found and to learn from each situation. Sometimes it was painful as when he felt the mother’s heart break as she watched her child burn away with fever.  Its eyes and smile no longer able to return her love.

He learnt compassion from seeing the past pain and helplessness of the tortured childhood that fuelled the foul perversions of a father. From women he learnt of love, softness, to put aside his ego and to attune with the natural rhythm of his body. He learnt how to succeed without aggression.

Gradually Clive grew in consciousness and wisdom until he was everyone and judged no one. As he thought of all his fellow beings love flowed from him, such was his compassion. His thoughts were directed towards Earth but the gentle, overpowering force first had to pass through Scymria suffusing the rock, releasing the energy that was meant for creation. Slowly the black-furied clouds warmed and began to dissolve. The slicing rain evaporated into soft vapour carried in the gentle air. Slowly the sun crept through the shrinking clouds bringing with it warmth and life as it transmuted the raw chemicals in the seas that were once rain. Soon the stars would join the sun in bringing light to Scymria from an infinite source. The rock began to lighten to become multi-coloured and multi-textured its structure changing as the centuries of absorbed power flowed out to mingle with light and love in creation.

Deep in his cave Clive sensed the changes, felt the new life emerge and mingle with his consciousness. He was becoming part of Scymria. Did he want this? With a thought he could cause the Controller to send a ship to bring him back to Earth. Did he want this? What did Earth have for him now? Had he not experienced everything Earth had to offer? The realisation that he no longer wanted to return rushed into his consciousness. His whole being tingled excited by the new energy flowing through him as he was released, set free. His body, no longer important to him was slowly absorbed into the rock and Clive joined with Scymria.

© Anthony Fisher 1993