How Londinium came to be Hindi, a tale of the wonder of the internet.

For the Londinium exhibition I needed 25 translations and 25 recordings.  The first was Hebrew and the second was to be Hindi.

A poet friend in India, Anuraag Sharma, kindly agreed to translate Londinium for me.  I emailed the English version and it came back Hindi!  For the Poster I wanted it in script and Devina’s mother transcribed from the standard alphabet into beautiful Hindi Script and emailed it to me.  I now needed to find someone to record it so I appealed on Streetlife and Pree Bodasing, who owns Pree-Clean Service a carpet cleaning company in Palmers Green, contacted me to say his cousin who works as a broadcaster in South Africa may be willing do this for me.  So  I emailed the poem and back came the recording by Dr Veena Lutchman .

The wonder to me is that I have not physically met any of these kind and helpful people.  It has all been achieved through email and the internet and the transfer of files through the magical world of cyber space.  Isn’t that just great!