Recipe for a Day
The day would begin with Assam tea,
strong, good colour, good taste,
baking-powder biscuits, crisp-shelled,
fluffy, warm with spiced sausage gravy,
set on a shining white plate graced
by a circlet of glistening, crisp bacon.

Midday, the snack would be idli,
masala dosa with coconut chutney
a small bowl of spicy sambal,
coffee in stainless steel mug and dish.
Gone are my thoughts of diet,
replaced with new things to eat.

Now, what’s for dinner? This must be
cheese and raw onion who’ll undress,
escape the bread and lovingly
kiss my mouth as I chase flavours,
remember each with affection.
Memories and days traced with eating.

© Anthony Fisher October 2003

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