Bumpledum and Rumplerot – a Dialogue.

Bumpledum – I like the sun.
Rumplerot – I do not.
Go and take the sun away.
I would like some shade today.

The sun is fun and makes me glad
it’s dark and shadow that makes me sad.
The greys and pinks of an autumn morn
fill me with joy – after the dawn.

Strewth and drat, fiddle-me-dee
let’s discuss this over tea.
Without the sun my seratonin
drops so low I’m always groanin’.

When it’s hot I wilt and sweat
am cross and tired worry and fret.
I think of night moon’s silver cool
and the glorious time of the winter Yule.

I think of the warm, the sun’s clear rays
unclothed in the garden on cloudless days.
We’ll just have to differ, it’s how we’re made.
I’ll sit in the sun and you in the shade.

© Anthony Fisher June 2001

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