Random Thoughts on Photos

The photograph in the featured image above was taken, a couple of days ago, from a functional steel and concrete bridge over Cuffley Brook.  I like to stop and look and sometimes take a picture as the brook and its banks change so much.  Even this time with the limited telephoto my camera had, it can look a different place.

Whitewebbs from Bridge cropped

OK I changed the colour a bit using Photoshop but not much.  It looks like a magic pool where warlocks go to commune with the Naiads of the water which flows from Hertfordshire to Turkey Brook and then the Lee.



Standing by the lake which is up the hill through the woods,  Whitewebbs Pond cropped I noticed the thin branches hanging down  and thought that this would make an interesting picture.  It must be about 45 years I have been visiting this spot and not noticed this perspective before.  Although the fringe of branches is slight it is like looking out into a different world.


Yesterday we visited Tate Britain to see the exhibition “Impressionists in London”.  Walking from Plimlico Tube Station some trees looked fabulous against clouds and buildings.

Walking to Tate Britain





Here the image is a memory of a good day and London unusually quiet.  I like the different textures and colours, the tracery of the trees and the simple colours and lines of the buildings, the pedestrians wandering by.





Valerie then treated me to lunch at Fortnum and Mason.  It was one of the best restaurant meals I have had for a long time.  A raw mackerel starter followed by fish pie and a mixed leaf salad.

Lunch at Fortnum's

The photo will always remind me of the lovely lunch with her.

After eating we went to the first floor to buy some opulent crackers, half price in the sale, and then get some anchovy relish which is other-worldly in flavour.

Here it is on toasted rye bread.

Lunch at Fortnum's

AND THEY HAD RUN OUT, WHAT A DISASTER!  Ah well it means another visit.


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