Salzburg.  Bridge of locks from afar.
Viewing the pedestrian bridge over the Salzach River from the south.

Early May was Valerie’s special birthday and we went to Austria to celebrate.  First Salzburg where we stayed in the family owned Bristol Hotel which was comfortable and being family-owned felt special.  We had arrived on an early flight so had time to wander across the Salzach River over a pedestrian bridge with lover’s locks fastened to the modern stainless steel mesh at the sides. From here we could see the Fortress we later visited. 

Pedestrian bridge over the Salzbach river.
Viewing the Fortress from the bridge

The old town was almost a maze of crowded narrow streets which were great fun.  One shop sold nothing but decorated eggs

Decorated eggs in Salzburg
This shop sold nothing but decorated eggs.

and others Mozart memorabilia. 

We used the funicular railway to get to the fortress, Hohensalzburg Castle, with its great views of Salzburg and a museum with armour clad iron soldiers just as the skeletons were in a Sinbad film I once saw. 

Old armour in Slazburg Fortress.
Iron soldiers arisen to fight.
Salzburg. Chastity belt.
Heavy iron chastity belt.
Salzburg.  Iron mask.
What a weird mask.

In the next room was an extra-ordinary iron chastity belt and weird iron mask.   

Next day the breakfast was fabulous in a wonderfully lit room with over-head mirror.

Breakfast table Hotel Bristol, Slazburg, Austria.
Breakfast table Hotel Bristol

  Cold meats, cheese, boiled eggs, rye bread all in the way of Austrian breakfast and delicious bacon, scrambled eggs, tomatoes for usWe checked out and set out in the hire car to Pertisau.

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