It is difficult to find a good restaurant in France but I can always rely on beetroot baked in an oven.

Beautiful beetroot baked that has been baked in an oven, on display in Leclerc
Beautiful beetroot that has been baked in an oven, on display in Leclerc.

I have come to realise how spoilt we are in North London surrounded by so many good restaurants with a wide range of cuisines.  Normally we choose an Indian when we go out but are looking forward to eating at the Lebanese restaurant I’ve been told of and there is a Japanese one near it.  As I have written in a previous blog, my favourite non-Indian restaurant , L’Orangerie is just 8 km away so all is not lost though a decent Indian restaurant would be perfect. 

We recently  went to Fouras and had a lunch on the point where oysters are harvested.  The oysters were just magnificent the rest of the meal less so. 

The oysters were magnificent.  Wish I'd had a couple of dozen!
The oysters were magnificent. Wish I’d had a couple of dozen!

Next time I’ll just have a dozen of so oysters and fish soup I think.

There is a quaint restaurant nearby in the small hotel “Au Bon Accueil“.  It does not have a web site but there is a small picture of it and map on Google.  For some reason it is described as an Italian restaurant but it has a French menu with paella and accordion on Fridays.  The ambience is superb and the husband and wife who own it delightful welcoming hosts, hippies I think.  The paella was not as good as it has been but the cold buffet for hors d’oeuvres and the atmosphere of the place made up for it, especially the accordion.  I certainly recommend it.

Finally I need to mention brown shrimps, or grey shrimps as the French call them.  I always buy them in the market and have them for lunch on Saturday.  I am sure Leclerc sell them so I could have them more often.  I’ll have a look.

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