Londinium is launched

As well as launching the exhibition with a ceremonial cutting of a ribbon by the Mayor of Enfield, Patricia Ekechi, we had a great party with lots of food, including jellied eels, and lovely wines.  I was particularly pleased that it was a good social event, everyone chatting and mingling as well as enjoying the exhibition.  We  are able to play recordings from the jukebox over the sound system.  It was, all-in-all, a wonderful evening.

Cllrs. Yasemin Brett and Bernadette Lapage read the French version and Warren Grant, Sonia Jarema and Eve Pearce read the Jamaican English, Ukrainian and Doric versions.

There was a video made and will be soon up on YouTube I’ll post this when it is up.  Meantime you might like to read an article which appears in our local Paper this week.


Details of the exhibition and venue can be seen on a previous blog

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