St Maixent l’Ecole and Edmonton Green

Rootling amongst my more ancient  picture files I came across some I still like.  The first two were taken at the annual  World Music Festival in St Maixent l’Ecole where children from all over come to perform their national music and dance.  Valerie and I have been to about three.  One of the most exciting groups was one from Siberia, shamanic dancing, it was thrilling; but no photographs.  It would be great to have such a festival in Enfield.  As well as formal concerts in the evening, the groups move around the town stopping every now and then to dance and sing.  Two images inspired me to a short poem which I incorporated into the image.

Dancer from Eastern Europe
Dancer from Eastern Europe

I fire, stamp and sound ricochets through and around.

I burn, flame through the whirls of my skirt,

devour music and song, live in my dance





Dancers from Africa
Dancers from Africa


Who are you looking at who!

I danced in St Maixent as drums and bells sounded.

You snatched my image, made me see you.

Who are you looking, who?




Here are some more mainly from Asia.

Finally three from Edmonton Green

The Freshest fish stall I know


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