Hadley Wood and Camlet Lake

We have many woods and open spaces in Enfield, one is Hadley Wood which is an old beech wood a remnant of the hunting Ground of monarchs including Henry VIII.



We often go for a walk here absorbing energy from the trees, just enjoying being in the wood.






I love the way trees make patterns against the sky

and to see the eager young leaves bright green against mute brown.Hadley Wood green Shoots

When the grandchildren were young they would run in the small brook their boots full of water, now it is dry.

Hadley Wood 6

By the Green is Monken Hadley Church.

Hadley Wood Monkon Hadley Church cropped
Monken Hadley Church through the trees.  The beacon is on the roof of this tower.


It is a beacon church and has a brazier up on the roof.  When lit it formed part of the navigation system enabling  travellers to find their way about.  It had an order of nuns who had some healing function.  They would precess down and then up the hill, just over 2 miles,  to Camlet Lake by Trent Park.  There is a healing well in one corner of the square island.  People still hang offerings, scraps of fabric, toys, crystals, all manner of things in the trees there.










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