Forty Hall – Farm, Vineyard, Fete

It was a bit chilly this morning but we decided to visit the fete at Forty Hall and I am glad we did; of course it is sunny now!  The farm was open and we wandered through past Forty Hall Punch and Judythe orchard and a lonely Punch and Judy but I bet it will be surrounded by children and curious adults soon.  I love the smell of farms, the animals, hay and feed.  It was good to see the chickens but I missed the pigs.  We were on our way to look at the vineyard.  We sponsor a couple of vines and hope loads of you do as well.  It t is an imaginative and worth-while project.

Forty Hall Vinyard

Forty Hall Vinyard 2

I think it has 10,000 vines and is cultivated, by hard-working volunteers with professional supervision, organically and using Steiner’s principle of biodynamics.  It something Enfield can be proud of;  I know that I am.

One disappointment was that the farm shop did not have any sausages, (all meat products are produced from farm stock) but we had bought some rhubarb on our visit last weekend.

The lake and planting of the mound at the end are coming on well.

Canada geese are a nuisance now but young are always sweet and lovely!  I remember how excited we used to be (in the 1950s) when a V of geese flew over honking their way to somewhere. If only they would stay in the sky.

The lead  in the troupe of Albanian dancers gave a short speech.  She mentioned how they are pleased to be integrating into London and Enfield but to do this they need to be aware of their roots ( I hope that I have accurately paraphrased).  I go for this sentiment though I am not sure what my roots are.

The cedar in the background was the one we were married under.  The huge branch we stood under still looks magnificent.

The grounds were looking particularly loved and cared for and we enjoyed our stroll to the kissing gate and so home.

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