Whitewebbs, trees and the Gun Powder Plot

One of the many woodlands in Enfield is  Whitewebb’s Park.  It stretches from Whitewebb’s Lane in Crewe’s Hill, near the King and Tinker to the Golf course Behind the Rose and Crown in Clay Hill by Hilly Fields.


Not as majestic as Hadley Wood it is mysterious and interesting with many secret paths.  The remnants of the New River pass through and there is an interesting iron viaduct which I usually photograph but not this time.  I have just remembered the dam holding back a surprising amount of water.  Must photograph both when we next go.

With open spaces and plantations of little oak trees it is fun to visit.  Up by Whitewebb’s House there is a lake and seats to watch the world go by.


Some of the Gun Powder plot was hatched in the house and the letter that was intercepted leading to the arrest of the gang was dispatched from here too.

We plan a picnic here by the stream.  The grandchildren love playing in it.



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