Red Admiral and Michaelmas Daisies in Hadley Wood


For our Sunday morning walk we went to Hadley Wood to see the Michaelmas Daises.  We have a few in our front Garden and they are lovely but there is nothing like seeing them en masse.

Hadley Wood Michaelmas Daises

Valerie wandered off as I was taking this photograph.  She often does this.

Hadley Wood Michaelmas Daises 3

She came back and as we were chatting Valerie spotted a Red Admiral.  Once so common but now it is even more special to see one.

Hadley Wood Michaelmas Daises 5

We also spotted a bay tree someone had sneaked in since our last visit.

Hadley Wood Michaelmas Daises 7

Bay is so tasty with its mystery and allure in food but I am not sure if this will be allowed to flourish here.

We headed home through trees that are always so beautiful I must photograph them.


Hadley Wood 4


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