Amelita Galli and Shop Windows

The quality of acoustically recorded, shellac records is often quite remarkable.  Electric microphones were not introduced until 1925 and before then the soloist had to perform into a horn which carried sound to a transducer that converted it to vibrations that were then cut into a wax disc – see link for more detail.

Here is a link to a YouTube video showing the post recording disk-making  process.  They are using microphones to make the recording and the master disc is made of different material but the plating process and stamping is the same as it always has been.  It is about 5 minutes long.

What was achieved by the early record producers and artists was remarkable.  Originally sound was stamped onto just one side of the disk and these can have quite splendid graphics pressed into the back.  They are also heavier, most satisfying to handle.

Back of one sided 78

From time to time I have bought old 78s and have a small collection in boxes that I need to get  out of the junk room and go through them as I have the postcards. It will remind me of why I bought them.

Rootling around in my video files I came across one I made of playing a recording of Amelita Galli ; I had quite forgotten it.  Here are a couple of images I have of her,

She has a beautiful voice.

As it is boring to watch a disk playing I thought to add a slide show of photos of shop windows – there is one exception but it is taken through glass.  These fascinate me with their colour, designs, sometimes flamboyant sometimes plain and, of course, often with interesting reflections, even of me!  I have been trying to think of a poem but so far one has not come to me so, as I wanted to use the photos, I used them in the short video below which I hope that you will play and enjoy.

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