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The idea for this project came to me when I learnt of Andrew Motion’s initiative to create an archive for what I call “posh poets” and I thought “why not have one for all poets” and the Poetic Voices site was born.


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I think it has about 40 poets at present and, naturally, I would like more; so poets please email me your recordings!  If you click here, you are diverted to the page in which I gave some simple advice about this.



For me, a poem comes alive when voiced, particularly by the author and especially if the poem is being read to an audience as there is then interaction between, poem, poet and audience; the poem changes and the poet gets a sense of how the poem is being received which is helpful.


Anthony Fisher



Here is me reading at an Enfield Poets’ evening in November 2019 at the Dugdale Centre; now closed as a culture and community centre by the council!!!




We do have an audience!  Usually 20 to 25 but can be up to 40.  The two photos below show the front row and whilst I was setting up.

Enfield Stanza May 15 2019



Though sometimes they can express disapproval.




Last year, poet and artist Giovanna Iorio contacted me about her site Poetry Sound Library which is a sound archive for poetry and the recording can be any one reading any poem.  It also has a fabulous map showing where the poets are.  During one conversation, Giovanna told me how important the sound of someone’s voice is to her and that it is sad how quickly we can forget what someone sounds like, I agree, someone’s voice is so much part of who they are.  Another reason why sound archives are so important.

If you would like to submit poems to be included or if you know of anyone who would like to have a page on the Poetic Voices site please click here.

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