Enfield Poets meet once a month for an evening of poetry with guests and poets from the floor.  Originally meeting in Salisbury House and known as Salisbury House Poets, we changed to Enfield Poets when we moved to the Dugdale Centre in Enfield Town a different but great venue.

The guests for the Enfield Poets’ evening for 11th April were the three winners of our competition, Sylvia Rowbottom, Patricia McFarlane and Caroline Price. Each a different voice, each a good poet, each passionate and a good performer.

Poets from the floor in the open mic sectional are a favourite of mine.  We are fortunate to have so many good poets who are regulars at our evenings of poetry.  Guests often comment how much they have liked the quality and variety of our poets as well as being impressed with the Dugdale Centre.  Again Enfield Poets are fortunate to be able to perform in such an agreeable venue whose staff are so helpful.  As well as a good choice of rooms we can use, there is the theatre which is great for the occasional show we put on.

Next month the Guests are Hannah Lowe and Karina Vidler as well as, of course, our superb poets from the floor who will be out in good voice.

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