We are lucky to have many open spaces and gardens in Enfield and Myddleton House has one of them.

Wisteria planted in 1903
Wisteria planted in 1903 by the bridge in Myddleton House Gardens

Magnificent wisteria planted by Edward Bowles in 1903 by the bridge that crossed the New River when it flowed here. It’s trunk is almost as thick as my waist and the flowers beautiful.

Poppies and Daisies Myddleton House
Poppies and daisies are such pretty flowers

I love poppies and daisies and a step away from the bridge is a tiny meadow of them.

Iris came to earth on a rainbow with a message from the gods  for mankind.  Not sure what that was but these blooms are lovely behind the greenhouse, maybe she bought these?

Black Iris
Black Iris and Golden Panther

There are many seats and benches where you can sit, read, gaze into space or do nothing at all.

Reading on a Bench enjoying the shade.
Reading on a Bench enjoying the shade.

Or you can be photographed

Succulent Mydleton House cropped

behind these great succulents.

Succulent Myddleton House 2 cropped

I could not resist taking a picture of these flowers looking like characters in Dr Who.

Cacti Myddleton House 2

For 20 pence you can buy some food to feed the  carp but the lazy duck and few feeders makes me think they are over fed.

It was approaching 1700 and someone was ringing a hand bell so it was time to leave.  I did not want to be locked in.

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