Whitewebbs: Ducks, Heron and Turtles

Whitewebbs is a lovely place to walk and we were there with our daughter and three of the eight grandchildren today and discovered something new! This prompted me to post a short piece and I hope it encourages you to visit yourselves.

Whitewebbs Stump


This photo and that in the heading were taken on the walk uphill to the lake near Whitewebbs House now a restaurant.  It is tranquil and magical.  Even passing dogs have a reverent air.



At the lake we fed the ducks – two or three species , coots, moorhens, with food pellets brought by Megan and Jake.

Megan spotted a heron and turtles the other side of the lake and we went to take a closer look.

There were several turtles including a baby one –

Whitewebbs Turtles

which you can see on the back of the large one on the right.

I have never seen turtles in the lake before and I was excited to discover them.




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  1. I saw 5 turtles in Whitewebbs Lake today, they swam right up to me, I managed to take a few pictures.

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